Oracle of Delphi

oracle-delphi-paintingThe Oracle of Delphi was during the antiquity one of the most important and intriguing facilities of the world. The ancient Temple of Apollo was situated just beneath Mountain Parnassus, a place chosen by Gods, considered the center of the world.

Strategically located in Central Greece, Delphi was the place where God Apollo lived and spoke to people through the Oracles, women priestesses who shared the name Pythia and represented God Apollo, having the ability to communicate with him.

The Oracle of Delphi gained much authority and political role during its peak time; depending on its allies, the Delphic Oracle was giving favorable or not omens to political figures, and military people. However, the new Era in philosophy that came in the 3rd century BC brought a more rationalistic aura to Greece and the authority of the Oracle was severely damaged.

The rituals continued in the next centuries as well, although the political role of Pythia and the Priests was seriously undermined. The Byzantine Emperor Theodosius was the first to abolish the Oracle, but the Slavs destroyed the Oracle of Delphi in 394AD.

Until today, there is a very intriguing aura in Delphi, around the Temple. People say that it is caused by electromagnetic fields, or the gases and evaporations from the rocks, or maybe it’s Apollo, the God of Music and Arts, still overlooking Delphi.

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